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What is the NSW Boards and Committees register?

The NSW Boards & Committees Register is a list of people interested in becoming board members. It allows people like you, with diverse skills and backgrounds, to be considered for board and committee positions that relate to your interests and skills.

Once you join the register, we can let you know about advertised positions on government boards or committees.  Government agencies that are looking for board members can also search the register to find suitable candidates like you for their board.

Who can join the register?

If you are living in NSW and would like to contribute to your community, you can join the Register.

We need people with a range of backgrounds and experiences to join boards and committees – that could be you. Boards need people with various skills and abilities, as the tasks of a board are varied. For example, to be successful, a board may require a mix of members with HR experience, marketing experience, financial experience, administrative experience, community experience and policy experience.

We want a more diverse mix of people to join our boards and committees. Diversity helps NSW boards and committees make more meaningful decisions for our communities. We especially encourage you to join the register if you identify as:

  • Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander,
  • female,
  • culturally and/or linguistically diverse,
  • a young person (24 years or under),
  • person with disability,
  • LGBTIQ+.

List of vacancies

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Department of Planning and Environment (Crown Lands) / Environment and Planning
September 29, 2023
Ever wondered who is responsible for keeping Crown reserves operating?

Countless facilities like showgrounds, local halls and parks are run by Statutory Land Manager Boards, made up of people just like you.
Areas of interest
Lands and Water
Riverina Murray
Closing date
November 11, 2023 05:00pm